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  1. Semi-Continuous Stand Up (Pro: Face Contact)

  2. Best of 3 round match

  3. 90 second round

  4. Sensor score based on controlled striking on the TrueScore technology

  5. 1 point score for Punch or Kick techniques

  6. Each player starts with 5 points per round and can lose the round if all points are taken prior to 90 seconds

  7. "Clash" techniques enforced by Referee/Arbitrator

  8. 90 Second injury time out

    1. Forfeit or Disqualification determined by Referee/Arbitrator​​

  9. Must keep both feet inbounds to score techniques

  10. 3 warnings

    1. Simple warning​

    2. Lose point

    3. Disqualification

"Clash", "Injury Time" & "Out of Bounds" managed by the head referee


  1. No Excessive Contact

  2. No Groin Kicks or Leg Kicks

  3. No Sweeps or Takedowns

  4. No Elbow or Knee Strikes

  5. No Grappling or Ground Fighting

  6. No Back of The Head Contact

*Excessive contact may result in immediate disqualification.​

*Medical team to evaluate player continuation.




  1. ​Point & Stick Fighting 

  2. Learn the sensors attack points 

  3. Execute single and double techniques

  4. Understand deduction of points

  5. Clash, Continuous, and Stick Fighting

  6. Learn maximum defense with maximum offense

  7. Execute triple combinations 

  8. Understand sensor advantage

  9. 2 vs 2 Tag: Learn the ring dynamics 

  10. 3 vs 3: Learn and develop new sensor attack techniques

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