Head Electronics - Rechargeable battery included. Estimated active time of 13-53 Hours dependent on usage. Semi permanently connected to the E-Head Harness. Turns on/off with a button. LED lights indicate status and syncing success. Confirmation by vibration of scoring contact. Automatically turns off after no action in 30 minutes. Can also manually turn off via button. Electronic units chargeable via standard microUSB cable. 


Head Harness - Adjustable straps come pre-attached to Head Electronics when purchased with bundle. Can be purchased separately to replace units worn out over time. Straps are designed to wrap around an existing head protection and not directly to the head. Replace strap portion only when necessary. Water resistant. Wipe or pat with water to clean. Do not soak. Do not iron. Do not place in laundry machine or drier. 

Head Electronics & Harness



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